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  • End of term information 14 July 2016 - Students will leave school early on Wednesday 20th July to start their summer holidays. Primary students will finish school at 1pm with the option of lunch before they leave. Secondary students will finish school at 12.15pm with the option of lunch before they leave. The Academy will re-open to all students on Wednesday 6th September […]
  • Cristian MJC 22 June 2016 - Academy 360 welcomed a special visitor; Cristian MJC addressed the students about bullying, social media and staying safe and gave a performance of some of his new songs, that have been performed on national television. Cristian gave advice on how to respond to bullying and will also discussed personal stories of times that he was affected […]
  • IMG_9985-1 Read our new primary blog all about outdoor learning 29 February 2016 - Find out about our new primary blog that we are creating to support other practioners, parents and other professionals who are interested in our developments.